Effective Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile marketing has become an increasingly popular way to promote products and services to consumers.  Marketers are attracted to mobile marketing because it’s easy to measure the success of campaigns and the response rate is exceptionally good.  According to recent research, mobile ads are three to five times more effective than standard online ads.  In order to make your mobile promotions more appealing to your customers and to create an overall more successful campaign, keep these 5 tips in mind.

Brainstorm targeted offers that you could make to your customers – The more targeted and relevant your mobile marketing offers are, the higher the response rates will be.  Think about which groups of customers will be attracted to certain offers, and determine when it would be most relevant to present those offers.

Build an opt-in database – To avoid being considered a spammer, build your mobile marketing database by allowing mobile users to opt in and opt out when they are no longer interested in receiving your marketing messages.  You can collect your customers’ contact information and details easily by having them opt in to enter a monthly prize.  This is an ethical way to build up your customer database that will ensure that your mobile marketing messages aren’t met with resentment.

Integrate your mobile marketing efforts with your overall marketing campaign. In isolation, mobile marketing is limited in its effectiveness.  You can achieve the best results with mobile marketing when you combine it with other media, like TV, radio, and print.  Take a holistic approach to your overall marketing efforts to get the most out of every medium.  Create a landing page that is specific to your mobile marketing campaign.  Then, integrate your mobile marketing efforts with other aspects of your marketing campaign in order to drive more traffic to your mobile landing page.  For example, you could advertise a mobile sweepstakes on TV in order to entice more mobile users to become participants.

Offer incentives to increase consumer participation. Offer incentives such as coupons, news alerts, weather information, or exclusive mobile content in order to increase consumer participation in your mobile marketing campaigns.

Track Everything! One of the biggest perks of mobile marketing is the ability to keep close track of each campaign’s results.  In order to evaluate the performance of your mobile marketing campaigns, keep track of the responses that you get when you send out certain texts and take note of which customers make purchases in response to particular offers.  Furthermore, provide trackable URLs and coupon codes so you know specifically which offers are getting the best responses.

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